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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I feel AWFUL!!!

I’m still sick!!!

Not much to say.  I’m sick.  You know, cough cough sneeze sneeze…  I dragged myself into the shower today though and that helped a little.  Also helps not to smell.  I guess.

Jack came over today with more chocolate though and some chicken soup from a sandwich place. So nice of him.  After I ate, he sat next to me and ran his fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp.  Oh my God… the BEST.  I could have sat there for an hour and let him do that.  And.. I did.  I just laid there and closed my eyes and let him do whatever he wanted to my hair.  Sabby was nice and didn’t say anything – I guess when I’m sick I’m not thinking about much else and he was a perfect gentleman.

Then he kissed my forehead, told me to get better, and went off to work.


I have the best boyfriend.

I’m going back to bed.  I hope I’m better tomorrow.  Aww.

Love you all!!! ❤

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