This diary entry is part 24 of 24 in Lily's diary dated 24 - June 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And MAN am I sick!!!  I haven’t been this sick, like… ever!!!  I’m not going to post much, I just want to go back to bed.  It’s awful!!!  It’s not COVID, I was tested, but…  it’s kicking my usually pretty but not right now butt!!!!

I have a fever, aches, chills, cough, sneeze…  awwww….  And now Sabby’s coming down with it too!!!

But everyone’s been so good to me!!!  All the chocolate and ice cream and ginger ale and yogurt and chicken soup I can eat!!!!  But I don’t want to eat too much.  Awww.  Not even too much chocolate.  That’s how you know I’m sick!!!

I’m going back to bed now.

Love you all!!!  AH_CHOOOOO ❤

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