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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s TOO HOT!!!

It was 105 degrees today!!!

That’s too hot for anyone!!!

And it’s not even a dry heat!!!

But it is what it is.  It’s supposed to cool down a little bit by the weekend.  Hope it does.  I think some politicians melted.


So Crystal did come over today for a little while, and she and Sabby went up in a room and talked for a while.  When she came out, she gave me a hug, said “thank you”, Sabby fed her some lunch, and took her home.

That girl can really pack it away, did I tell you?

Other than that, it was a pretty boring day.  Beth and I went to the mall and had some yummy but bad for you food court food, and kind of wandered around for a bit.  Then we came home, I practice piano, Beth practiced singing, and it was a boringly boring day.

It’s Marine Day in Japan!!!  I remember last year on Marine Day we went to Enoshima!  What a nice place!!!  We’re all talking over trying to make a schedule, but with nineteen of us it’s proving to be a real challenge.  Well, eighteen – Robert’s going to be going off talking to clients.  He’s got business to do.  But the rest of us will be scattered to the four winds, as they say.  We’re actually considering making a few small groups and going off to do what interests us.  Like, we could have a waterpark group, and a rabbit island group, and a samurai castle group…  lots of things to see and do.  But we haven’t quite figured that out yet.  And of course I want to spend some time with Ai too – she and Hiroshi might come along on some of our tours, that would be fun.  Maybe even some of her school friends.  OMG it’ll be a crowd!!!

But crowds can be fun!!!

Ai actually has a couple of school friends who are curious about gaijin like us, so she wants to at least introduce us.

I’ve been teaching Rebecca and group some basic Japanese words.  You know..  sumimasen, arigatou, kusodasai…  haha!!!  Just kidding about the last one.  Yu is soaking it all up, I think she has an inner weeb she didn’t know about.

Anyway, I guess bedtime.  It was an emotional weekend.  I think sleep is a good idea.

Love you all!!! ❤

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