This diary entry is part 2 of 35 in Lily's diary dated 13 - July 2022

HI! It’s me! Lily!

And we went to the waterpark!!!  ALL us girls!!!  It was sooo much fun!!!  Plus it’s really hot outside, so that made it nice too!!!  We ahad races down the slides!!!  I kept my top!!!  But…  Diana lost hers.  Awww.  But I told her what happened with me, and that it’s just a body.  I swear they need to make better tops!!!

Crystal had the right idea.  You can’t lose the top of a one-piece!!

I think the problem is that we both used the tops with the strings on the back, and when we rub our backs on the slides going down it pulls the strings loose.  Maybe we should get the type with the elastic bands?  That should be a rule!

She wasn’t too embarrassed, though.  I think I was more embarrassed when it happened to me!  But then…  I have more to flop around, too, so…

But we had lunch at the waterpark too!  A sandwich and a cold milkshake!  I had strawberry!  Who needs chocolate?  JUST KIDDING!!! Of course I had chocolate!

After we got back home we all smelled of chlorine, and after a quick shower, we all played games and had dinner!  Dave went over to East Texas to pick up David, I guess they’ll be heading out in the morning and coming back in plenty of time for our picnic!  It wouldn’t be the same without Dave’s grilling!

Now we’re all telling stories.  Allison has fun stories about mythical creatures like unicorns and honest politicians!  haha!!! I’m not really that good at making up stories, but I just made one up based on that dream of me in the pasture.  Maybe I’ll tell it here!!!

But we have hair brushing to do, after I take Marie for a walk.  I hear fireworks too!!!  We’re in a drought so no one’s allowed to set them off.   But they are anyway…  people are stupid.

Love you all!!! ❤

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