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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

OMG I’m so tired!!!!

This morning Sabby and Beth went to church while I entertained the girls.  I made breakfast sandwiches for everyone!  I’m not the greatest cook but they’re easy, and with a bit of orange juice, they were a hit.  Emiko and her family came over in the morning, and a little later, Dave came back with David.

OMG David… I don’t know what to do with him!!!  He’s different!  I mean, he’s a little tanned because he’s been out in the sun, but he saw Aika and Mika and just started shamelessly flirting!  And this time it workedI! He had them blushing!  Thankfully, he didn’t try it with Allison. I asked him what about his girl friends?  He said they’ll be writing, but they’re just ten.

Couldn’t argue with that logic I guess.

So Sabby and Beth and a few others got back from church, and we all made our way to a park!!!  It was hot!!!  But we had a cooler and water and one of those canopies, and it wasn’t too bad outside of the sun!!!  Dave started grilling, and we all played frisbee!  Haha, Allison wiped the floor with David!  Guess he’s not as good as he thought.  But then we had hot dogs and hamburgers and cold drinks and played more games!!!  It was really hot though, so we didn’t run too hard.  But it was sooo much fun!!!  Around sunset people started popping fireworks and we watched a bit – at least until the fire marshal came around and shut that down.  Marie had such a great time, running around and catching things!  She likes playing frisbee too!!!

Emiko and family went back to Houston, but the rest of us are making a pile tonight!!!  Liz’s birthday tomorrow!!!  It’ll be huge!  Yuge!  Hahahaa!!!!

What a weekend!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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