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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s HOT in Tokyo!!!

It’s almost as hot as Texas!!!


But we’ll still have fun.

So we’re still having a hard time with sleep, you know, jet lag and everything, but time and tide and food waits for no man, or woman, right???  Robert went off to meet clients (that’s why we got such a good deal on stuff, so yay Robert) and the rest of us went to get some breakfast.  Japanese people don’t do breakfast like we do, it’s all rice and fish and savory sauces and still really delicious.

We asked Ai if she wanted all of us to go down there or to come meet all of us… and when we told her there were 18 of us, she said “Umm… we’ll come to you.  Our house will explode.”  Haha!!!  We’ll go down there a little later when we split up but we all wanted to meet Ai, so she and her family came to the hotel and we all met Ai.  I gave her a hug, and all the others felt like they knew her because of the group chat.  After we all exchanged pleasantries (Sabby said a passable “hajimemashite”), All of us then hopped on the ginza line and went to Ueno Park (Uenokoen).  There’s so much to see and do there!!!  We went to see the zoo first, then we had lunch, then we went to see the nature and science museum.  There’s so much to see there we might have to go back!!!  And we didn’t even see all there is to see in Ueno!!!

There was something for everyone.  Kari and Beth loved the science museum, and everyone else liked the animals.  I’d never seen a Panda before!!!  They’re… a bit lazy, if I’m being honest.  But very cute!!!  Basically we went to the zoo, got lunch, went to the museum, and went back to the hotel after the museum closed.  Everyone was pretty exhausted, Ai and family hopped back on a train to Saitama (with the promise to spend more time with her) and the rest of us got dinner.  We pigged out on sushi!!!

So much walking!  We were all so tired!!!

We are all so tired!!!

I had a chance to talk to Sabby and Dave before we went back to our rooms, and she said she saw how well I spoke Japanese and was really proud of me.  She really likes Japan and thinks maybe someday she wants to open a store here.

I told her… baby steps.  Haha!!

Speaking of the store, we checked back.  Everything’s going fine.  Katie’s a little worried she’s going to go into labor soon, though, so Baker is taking up most of the management.  She’s not the happiest about that because she just likes baking, but she’s doing alright.  But they’re selling and baking and doing all the stuff they’re supposed to.

So now the ten of us are in our rooms getting ready for bed.  Everyone is having a pretty good time.  Britni just seems to be staring quietly at everything, except she loved the animals.  Kari and Beth like museums, so it was good to go to one of those.  Chelsi really wants to go to the ocean at some point, but there’s plenty of time for everyone to see their sights.  Maybe we’ll go to enoshima, that was really fun last time.  Yu wants to visit a shrine, but there’s one in Ueno, and we’re probably going back before we leave to see more museums.  Diana, Crystal, and Rebecca really don’t care what we see, as long as we see stuff.  And Liz…  I think she just likes having friends.

It’s not clear what we’re going to do tomorrow, with this many of us logistics are challenging, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

Time for bed!  But we’re going to spend a bit of time in the onsen/hot tub first!!!

Love you all!!!  ❤ 

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