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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I got Liz good!!!


So the 4th was her birthday.  But I pretended like I forgot it!!!  I didn’t mention it on the third, and when she asked me if I was coming to her party, I said “what party?  Why are you having a party?”  And then when she told me it was her birthday, I acted frantic, like I’d completely forgotten!!!

She got mad at me.

I pretended like I had to scramble to buy her a gift, when I’d bought it last week before I got sick!!  Hahaha!!!  And it was a nice gift too!!!  She doesn’t really like expensive things, but she likes fashionable and pretty things, and…

She wasn’t really talking to me, and then I showed up at her party with the gift and told her I hadn’t forgotten, I was getting her back for last year!!!  It was a reverse surprise party!  Hahaha!!!  She gave me a hug and then smacked me.


But she accepted the gift anyway.  And let me partake in the chocolate.  Hahaha!!!

She actually really liked the gift. I gave her a silver and rose gold BFF locket where I have the other half, and it has her name engraved on it and everything.  Not her English name – her Chinese name!!!  芷若 I think her lip quivered a little!!!

But I gave her a more practical gift too – some really expensive rosin for her violin bow.  She really loved that too!!!

Her parents got her a new violin – and not a cheap one either.  She was so happy!!!  And her boyfriend was there too!!!  He got her something old and Chinese from a thrift store!!!  She was surprisingly happy with it.  I guess you can find some really cool things at a thrift store if you look carefully.  It actually had a bit of value that even he didn’t know about.  He wins at gifts!  Haha!!!

After her party, we took her on the picnic with us, and we had lots of fun!!!  And the fireworks were so pretty!  I sat in Jack’s lap and watched the fireworks!!!  What a good day!!!  But I didn’t get back until late and just went to bed.

And today, well…  it was boringly boring.   The day after a holiday is always boring.  But it’s that much closer to the weekend, right?

We’re starting to prepare for our trip to Japan….  there’s just so much to do!! So much more than when it was just me!!!  Everyone had to get their passports in order, lots of chatter on the group chat…  of course Rebecca and her friends have to buy new clothes because of course they do!!!  Britni doesn’t really know much about Japan, but she’s looking forward to it too – she likes sushi and wants to try some from the source!  Hahaha!!!  Of course Chelsi wants to try surfing there.  We’ll… see how that works out, I guess.  I’m not sure there’s really anywhere in Japan that’s good for surfing.  But I guess we can look.  Yu….  she really seems desperate to know her heritage…  but I’m not sure she’s Japanese.  But I’m sure she’ll still find interesting stuff.

Her other friends are jealous but there’s not enough room for everyone.  Aww.  But she promised to bring them back fun stuff.

Anyway, not much more to say.  We still have to figure out what to do with Cat and Marie, but we’ll figure something out.  Maybe Allison can dogsit at her new house!!!  I bet she’d love to play with Lily all the time!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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