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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Today was boring!!!

It was a bit cooler today, and there was some rain too, so that was nice.  My run this morning was actually a little pleasant!

Marie got a nice long walk too, and she liked that.  She likes walks but we can’t do much for her when it’s a hundred degrees.  Too hot even for a dog.

So we made a couple of changes at the shop.  Baker #1 became BOH manager (back of house), and Katie FOH (Front of House).  We thought that’d make sense because that way the baker can take over when Katie’s on leave!  It’ll work out!  The baker is a little motherly and everyone likes her.  She just wants to bake, but she doesn’t take anything from anyone, so she’ll make a pretty good manager.  Mostly though she jut stays in back and bakes, and manages the other baker, who bakes too.  She’s so good that Sabby even lets her tell her what to do, at least when it comes to what needs to get baked.  Sabby loves baking, but when someone’s that good at it, you listen to them, I guess.  Baker doesn’t mind if Sabby bakes, I mean after all, she came up with the recipes and she partly owns the place, but still…  generally, what baker says, goes.

It’s actually a bit of a circus in there sometimes, we have Katie and a couple of other servers (and Beth sometimes) doing light waitstaff stuff, the cosplayers running around getting pictures with people and doing light waitstaff stuff too, the bakers in back just baking up a storm, Sabby and sometimes me in the back ordering stuff, planning schedules, etc.. but everyone knows what their job is and we hired pretty well.  Business is kind of not great right now because of the economy, but we’re still doing okay.  Not in danger of closing or anything like that.  But our idea of expanding might need to wait for a while.

Anyway, I guess that’s what I talk about on boring days, right?  Haha!!!

Okay!! Bedtime, I guess!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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