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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s was a nice, quiet day today.  We went to church this morning, and Katie came with us.  Oh, were the old ladies happy!  “When are you due?” was a question that was asked a lot.  She’s not really into religion, but I told her that’s okay, neither am I, but they really do support their own.  And she told us after that she kind of felt that.  I asked her if she wanted to find another boyfriend… she just looked down at her stomach and said “who’d want me?”

Someone will.  I know someone will.

Beth is pretty much back to normal now.  So that’s good.  Turns out Crystal has a boyfriend too, but she’s not telling us much about him.  I wonder why.  I’m not sure her parents know, and I’ve got a bad feeling about it.  But not really my business, is it?

Diana’s not interested in boyfriends, though.  She’s just kind of humming along, making tacos.  When she gets old enough we might hire her at the shop to make tacos.  I bet she’d like that.

Sus tacos son muy deliciosos!!!

Con o sin carne!!!


So this afternoon was just quiet.  Sabby went on a cleaning binge, and I had to clean my room a bit too, but it wasn’t too bad.  I keep it pretty clean.  Marie’s kennel needed a bit of a clean though.  I think Marie likes it when she has fresh bedding, she went right in and plopped down.  To us it’s a cage, to her it’s home.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

But as she’s grown up, she’s allowed more to sleep on my bed with me, and sometimes I’ll wake up with a dog sprawled on my chest, and sometimes Cat joins in the fun and is sprawled over my head.  It’s cute but really annoying.

I want a hamster someday, but not as long as cat’s here.  Hamsters are pets, not lunch.  Those pics of hamsters on twitter are so cute though!!!

So this week, I guess we’re preparing to to go Japan.  It’s coming up soon!!!  I can’t wait!! And Ai can’t wait either!!!

I want to eat konbini snacks!!!  Japan has the best chocolate!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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