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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m not talking about me or Jack!!! It’s the weather!  It’s HOT!!!  A hundred degrees and high humidity!!! We didn’t go anywhere today except for church!!!

So I didn’t write yesterday.  The girls were all over all day, and we played games and eat chocolate and played more games and ate more chocolate and talked and chatted… we went to the mall too because, hello! Girls!!!  I mean, how can you dangle a perfectly good mall in front of a group of girls and not expect us to go!!!

It’s funny, because I’m the oldest, Sabby expects me to be the grown up and shuttle them around and everyhing.  Well, Liz is actually just a tiny bit the oldest, but still.  I have to drive them there and make sure they don’t spend too much, and… well, it’s still fun.  It’s fun to try on clothes and go to the food court and try on more clothes and…  we bought something but not much.  Things are expensive now!!!

So we were all tired so we just went to bed and made a nice, comfy girlpile.  Yes, it’s really warm outside, but that’s why God made AC.  Right? Haha!!!

We went to church this morning and their parents picked them up at church (well, except for Liz, she never goes to church).  The organist was sick, so he asked me to sit in on the piano.  I really didn’t want to, but they needed me, so I took a few minutes to look over the music and did a passable job.  I don’t know how to play the organ, though.  I should maybe learn?  Or not.

It’s different when you’re playing in front of people you know…

Anyway, it was so hot today, we just stayed inside and were a bit more lazy than usual.  Even Sabby didn’t mind that I just played on the computer and chatted with Ai and Rebecca and friends.  And it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting any better anytime soon.  Oh well, that’s summer in Texas.  Thankful for air conditioning.

Love you all!!! ❤

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