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Hi! it’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Friday!!!

Well.. Fridays don’t mean quite as much to me as they might to an… how does Dave say it… “office jockey”.  But it’s still nice.  I did payroll today and gave everyone their check, and otherwise it was a pretty quiet day.  David comes back from camp soon, and we’re preparing to go to Japan!!!  Sabby wants to hire a general manager for the store, especially since we’re all going to Japan.  I don’t really like that idea because it’s expensive, but it’s probably necessary.  And we’re still doing pretty well, so we can afford it.  It’ll let Sabby spend more time baking anyway, which is what she really likes to do.

We might hire internally, but…  keep that to yourself.  Haha!!!

I think Sabby’s a little worried about me.  She reads this too, though she generally leaves me alone about it, and I think she worried sometimes that I’m really sad about having lost my memories.  I guess I am, a little.  I mean, who wouldn’t be?  But as I also say, I paid for what I have now, in a way.  I have a family I bought and paid for with my memories.  Or something like that.  Not literally, but… you know.

We got a surprise storm tonight!  It hailed!!!  Not really bad hail, but I hear they got pounded over in Cedar Park!!! Awww!!!  And Allison has a swim meet tomorrow!!!  I hope she does well!!! She says she needs to be there at 5:15 AM!!! That’s early even for me!!!

Otherwise, the girls are over tonight, we’re playing games and doing fun girl stuff.  You know, like doing each others’ nails and talking about boys…  well, not much boy talking tonight because of Liz, but still fun stuff.  We’re still not allowed to play “truth or dare”.  No one’s fighting that rule too hard.  For one reason or other, that game has never turned out well.

Okay, not much else to talk about tonight!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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