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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it was even hotter today!  Can you believe it!!!  No one went outside to do anything.  Liz came over and we rehearsed,, but otherwise it was too hot to do anything but stick your head outside and say “holy … it’s hot!!!”

But it’s supposed to cool down a little bit tomorrow – it might be below 100!!!  Amazing!!!

That made it a pretty boring day, so…  how about I tell you what cat-girl did???

She made a… well… page on a site that’s not good for young eyes and ears!!! Or even older eyes and ears!!!  And, well… she dressed with cat ears and a tail!  only cat ears and a tail!!!

And don’t ask how she got the tail to stay!!!

But here’s the thing.  She did it off the clock, she didn’t mention us, and, well…  there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.  She took what we said to heart – she’s behaving at work.  Dressing up like a cat in a maid outfit, sometimes licking milk out of a bowl and exaggeratingly washing her face with her “paws”, but…  we can’t really say much.  That’s kind of her job – to be cute and attract Japanese tourists to make us money.  But she does make it hard!!!

How did we find out about it?

Well, that’s a story in itself.  Let’s just say that someone who knows her and knows us, umm… found it.  Yeah, found it.  I’m sure completely innocently, not looking for it or anything.  Sigh.

I don’t know what to think about her, if I’m being honest.  She’s nice, she has a really big heart, she’s always happy and cheerful, and…  she has absolutely no boundaries at all when it comes to her body, and it’s actually a little, well… creepy.

Skintight girl and anime girl are doing their things, too.  I guess something for everyone.  They’re a lot less, um…   flagrant about it than cat-girl, though.  They just like to dress up and take on a character.  Cat-girl…  I don’t know.  I hope she doesn’t get into trouble someday.

Oh well.

Things are down a little at work – I guess the economic situation is starting to hit peoples’ cookie budget.  We’re brainstorming ways to add products that are a little less expensive and a little more practical, but we haven’t come up with much yet.  We’re still doing well, though, and Japanese tourists somehow keep showing up!  They want to see us, and a Buc-ees.  Go figure.

Love you all!!! ❤

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