Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It was hot! Then it boomed!!!  Boom boom!  Hahaha!!!

And now it’s not quite so hot.  Yay!!!

It was a boringly boring day.  I like boringly boring days but it doesn’t give much to write about.  Liz and I practiced some more, she has her lesson tomorrow and her concert/recital this weekend.  I’m sure it’ll be fun!!!  We didn’t go out and do much because, well, hot.  So just puttered around the house and was thankful for air conditioning.  Dave and his workers aren’t always so lucky, he has to go out to jobsites in 100+ weather wearing his white hard hat and dress clothes.  Doesn’t seem fun, but less fun for his team, I guess.  He makes sure they’re well taken care of though, he’s good that way.  They usually do whatever work they need to do in the morning and clear out at 1 or 2 before it gets unbearable.

I guess it’ll be a short entry tonight.  Only so many ways I can say “Liz and I practiced”!

Love you all!!! ❤

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