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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It was cooler today AND stormy!  Yay!!!  When I say cooler, I mean something like 95 degrees.  Get out the sweaters!  Hahah!!!  But this is central Texas in summer, you take what you get, I guess.

Liz and I went to her lesson today, and she got some final pointers from her teacher.  It’s interesting how different violin technique is from piano technique!  I don’t have to worry about being on pitch, I’m always on pitch!  Everyone has to adjust to me!  But Liz has to stay on pitch AND all the other stuff too!!!

But she’s ready to go.  We’re on for the weekend.  She’s got a recital with a few other students, but she’s pretty advanced, so…  it’ll be fun.  And afterwards we’ll go out for chocolate pancakes… or whatever she likes.

She actually seems to have gained a taste for Japanese food, so maybe sushi.

Jack went to see a career counselor, and he’s going to take a test to see what his aptitudes are.  He’s not really all that physical, he runs but not like me, but otherwise he seems to prefer just kind of lounging around.  I suggested maybe he should learn how to code, see how he likes it.  He didn’t seem all that enthused but promised he’d give it a try.  Hey, that’s all a girl can ask.

Alright, bedtime.

Love you all!!! ❤

Even you, you silly-billy.  You know who you are.

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