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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m wired again!!!

But not quite in the same way.

So Friday Liz and I spent all day rehearsing, until Sabby told us we’d rehearsed enough, and to cut it out, and besides the girls were coming over and we should spend our time being girls and not musicians.  So we did our normal Friday night stuff, you know, played games, ate chocolate and pizza, and basically had a fun night.  We watched a movie – or tried to.  We watched one of those new Disney movies, but about ten minutes in Sabby made us turn it off.  Something about “not in this house.”  So we watched YouTube instead.  There are some really funny old videos!!!  We got on the group chat and all watched the same videos and laughed our butts off!!!

I didn’t post because it was late and Liz had her recital so we just went to bed.

Liz was a bit nervous but we seem to calm her somehow.

So today I dressed up (didn’t wear my very fancy gown but wore my somewhat fancy black dress) and we went to the recital.  Liz was nervous but I reminded her of last year, and said her boyfriend would be there this time.  That seemed to make her more nervous, but I just said it’d be fine.

And we went out and did it!!!

Her boyfriend hooted!  No one else did!  Haha!!!

She gave him the stink-eye but also a little bit of a smirk.  I know that look.  She didn’t mind, and I bet he got properly kissed tonight.  Hahah!!!

So she did her song, and it was like time flew again.  It seems like that way whenever I play, especially with someone else.  Time just flies.  It’s like thirty minutes takes five minutes – though thankfully her piece didn’t take thirty minutes.  After she was all done, she bowed, we went backstage, and she just gave me the biggest hug.

It was sweet.

She shook hands and let everyone told her how good she did after, and then she left with her boyfriend.  I presume to get properly kissed.  Haha!!!

I spent some time with Jack too.  Tomorrow, he’s going to be starting to pack up for his move, though his family didn’t completely unpack from the move from Ohio.  We’re going to go down and help him, even though it’s still really hot.  Aww.  And I hear Allison’s moving too, we’ll help her out when it’s time too.  She’s got all those legos!!!  But I’m sure she’ll like her new place, Georgetown is a nice city, and a little less.. .well… Cedar Parky than Cedar Park. Hahah!!!

And she’ll live closer to the waterpark!!!  I think, anyway.

Anyway, I made sure Jack got properly kissed too.  It’s been a while.  But everything at his apartment is up in the air.  Hey, he’ll be living closer to Allison too!!  Maybe she can play with Grace more!!!

Grace is a little sad about moving, but she hasn’t lived there long, so she’ll be fine.  Besides, she’s got Lily (the dog) to hug.

Ohhh… I almost forgot, Liz’s birthday is coming up!  I have to think of some way to get her back for that trick she pulled on me last year!!! Hahaha!!!

Some people were wondering if cat-girl’s going to get in trouble for having that website.  The short answer is no, the long answer is, probably not.  We found out by accident, she kept it to herself and keeps that separate from her life as cat-girl.  So we told her as long as she doesn’t drag our business into her cam-girl stuff (or vice versa) then she can do what she wants.  But if it starts leaking over, then we’re going to have a problem.  She can be a bit impulsive, but she’s not dumb.  She understands.  And so do we – her body does make us a lot of money, just, umm… not like that.

I saw a bit of one of her videos.  Ummm…  well….  not doing that again.  I always knew she was really pretty, but that… ummm… that wasn’t pretty.  Eww.  I guess I’m not going to be wearing a rainbow any time soon!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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