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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s FRIDAY again!!!

All the girls are here, except Allison.  She had to go on a trip to Mexico and is tired, so she’s staying home and catching up on Allison stuff.  But Crystal, Diana, and Liz are here,, and it’s a PARTY!!!  Dave grilled, and then Diana took the grilling and turned it into tacos, and we had a feast!!!  Then we watched a movie, and now all of us are having a pretty chill night.  We’re talking about Japan!!!  Diana and Crystal don’t know much about it, and Liz and I are telling all about it!!!  Beth only seems a little interested, but she’s letting everyone have their fun.

I showed Diana and Crystal Babymetal!  Gimme Chocolate!!!  OMG the look on their face!!!  Diana said “let me get this straight…  three cute Japanese girls singing metal about chocolate?”  Yep, that’s about it.  But then I showed them “Road of Resistance” and they really liked it.  Not as much a fan of BxMxC, though.  Then we showed them some J-Pop idol music and they…  didn’t really know what to make of it.  When I told them how many girls are in the AKB48 group, Crystal’s mouth dropped open.

But we also talked about other stuff.  Beth’s not too interested in Japan, but I’m trying to figure out what she is interested in.  She likes those British panel shows, like Taskmaster and Would I Lie To You.  It’s not really my humor but she thinks it’s hilarious.  So we watched an episode of that, too.  I’ve seen Taskmaster before with Dave.  It is kinda funny.

Oh, and today, there was some kind of Supreme Court ruling, and people were kind of upset this morning.  I guess I really don’t have too much of an opinion.  But if Emiko had, well, chosen, I wouldn’t be here.  Some choices are very selfish, I think.  But I don’t understand the actual ruling, so…  Sabby does, though, and she was actually pretty happy about it.  I guess it’s another one of those things that adults have very strong opinions about that I don’t understand.  I asked Sabby about it, and all she’d say is “You know how you’re alive because your birth mother chose to keep you?  Well…  what if she hadn’t?”

Something to think about, anyway.  If I were in that position?  I guess…  I wouldn’t make that decision lightly.  I can’t imagine why someone would.

Anyway, it’s just a fun Friday.  We’re going to make a girl-pile soon.  And we get to sleep in tomorrow!  A little, anyway.  Sabby doesn’t let us sleep in too much.  Sigh.

Love you all!!! ❤

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