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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And what a day!!!

So after church we went over to Jack’s place and helped him move.  Liz’s family came over too (he is her cousin, after all), and we started putting stuff in boxes and that kind of thing.  It was pretty fun, and they bought us pizza too, which was nice.  Grace seemed pretty sad.  I asked her why and she said she had some friends in the complex she didn’t want to leave.

I told her just because she’s leaving the complex doesn’t mean they’ll stop being friends.  She sniffled and said that she had friends in Ohio too, and now she almost never hears from them or sees them, and she doesn’t like leaving friends.

Aww, poor girl.  But I told her that when she moved from Ohio to here, that she made new friends, and think of the new friends she’ll make in her new place.  She perked up a little at that.  We told her to go play with her friends while we packed, and she gave me a hug and ran off.  She’s so cute!

A lot of their stuff is in storage, so we didn’t have too much to pack, and it was mostly done by the end of the day.  They’re hiring movers to move everything, so they’ll come by in the next couple of days and move everything over, packing up was the hard part.  Jack seems a little sad too – he’ll probably have to find a new job.  But maybe that’ll be good for him.

We went up to his new house and he showed us around – it’s really nice.  A bedroom for Grace, a bedroom for him, a master bedroom for the parents, and a guest room too!  And an office for his father!  It’s in a nice area, and Grace and Jack get their own bathroom!  I guess it works out.  I guess they have pretty good jobs!!!

Okay, I gotta get some sleep!  That was a lotta work!  And it was hot!!!

Wednesday’s going to be VERY hot!!! Awww!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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