This diary entry is part 21 of 24 in Lily's diary dated 24 - June 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

David came back!

Ummm…  I guess he had a pretty good time.  Sabby laid into him when he got home about how he was carrying on with his “girlfriend”, that she didn’t really appreciate almost having to come get him because he couldn’t keep his lips to himself, and after she got it out of her system everything was back to normal.

I guess he helped down a couple more pigs, and he likes hunting.

Figures.  He likes games, so pointing shooty things at things and making them go away is kind of par for the course I guess.

But hey, he helped feed the camp, so there’s that, right?

It’s still REALLY HOT, and it’s supposed to get hotter!  But at least the humidity is a little lower now.  It’s not exactly a dry heat, but you can’t wring the air out like a washcloth, at least.

So..  I guess next big thing is…  Japan!!!  That’s next month, can you believe it!!!

You know, I really do have an amazing life – changing my diary name was a really great idea!  How many girls can say they partly own a business, go to Japan, even went to the Oscars…  all for the low, low price of.. my memories.  I.. .I keep saying that because it’s true, and it’s hard to get past.  I may never get my memories back.  I have such a great life, but…  but I still don’t really know if the price was worth it.

But I didn’t get to choose to pay it.  I just found myself on the the side of the road one day and they were gone.

If you’re jealous of me… don’t be.  I paid for it.  And the price was very high.  Would you give up all your memories for what I have?  Well.. maybe some of you would.  I imagine Crystal might take that deal.  And I wouldn’t blame her.  But most of you wouldn’t!!!

Oh well.

We’re all trying to figure out what we want to do in Japan.  There’s so many of us, it’s like we’re our own tour group.  I’ve already seen all sorts of things, so I’m okay with whatever everyone else wants to do.  We can’t stay with Ai and her family though because there are just too many of us, so we’ve still got a lot of planning to do.  Beth wants to see the bunny island.  Yu wants to visit a couple of shrines.  And I’m not sure Britni knows where Japan is.  Sigh.  And of course you know what David wants to do.  Maybe we’ll even take him to a maid cafe in Akihabara and watch him blush.

Anyway, I guess it’ll all work itself out.

Oh… we do need to find a sitter for the pets.  Maybe Liz’s parents will take Marie in.  Or maybe Jack’s parents.  I’d love to take Jack with us, but his parents can’t really afford it (especially with the new house!!), and I can’t really pay for him either.  He’s not too upset, I promised to bring him back some fun stuff.  And maybe we’ll go there on our honeymoon.  I promised I’d make it up to him, maybe we’ll go somewhere together after we turn 18.  He does… umm… like my company.  Hahaha!!!  Rebecca is paying her own way along with Robert, her friends are pretty well off and their parents are paying for them to go, and Emiko likes to go to Japan every year anyway.  It’s not like anyone’s getting a free ride!!!

Oh!! Speaking of which!  Katie got a promotion!!! She’s the Assistant Manager at the shop now!  She’s one level below Sabby and I (though since I don’t spend a lot of time there, in reality, she’s probably more actively involved than I am).  She’ll hold the fort down while we’re in Japan!  The two bakers are keeping up with stuff, she knows all the ins and outs, and it works out!  Only thing is… she’s coming due.  We might have to plan for that.

The cosplay girls (you know, cat-girl and friends) are really good at what they do, but they’re not manager material.  Aww.

Love you all!!! ❤

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