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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Katie’s going to have a baby shower soon!!!

Sabby’s helping her to arrange it.  I don’t really know what a baby shower is.  Sabby says it’s when a bunch of girls and women get together and give the pregnant woman gifts and play games and have baby related fun.  Which I guess makes sense.  Preparing for a baby is expensive!  You need a stroller and diapers and a crib and all sorts of things, and it’s even more important because Katie is single.  Aww.  Her ex boyfriend sucks.  He coulda had a baby!  And instead he has… nothing.  Not even Katie.  Aww.

Dave said it’s when you get a special hose and clean off the baby in preparation for it leaving.  Sabby smacked him.

I don’t really say too much about Katie.  She’s a little like a mentor to me in a sense.  I mean, obviously she doesn’t always make the best decisions, but she’s been through stuff that, well, I haven’t.  She was really there for me when I had my… scare… even though she made it a bit worse.  She’s a good person, just… in a bad situation.

I’m not sure what she’s going to do for living when the baby arrives.  She lives with roommates, and, well…  roommates aren’t the best for a single mother.

As I said, we gave her a promotion to assistant manager, but she’ll probably need to take some time off to take care of the kid, and then there’s child care, and all that stuff…  there’s help available and the church might help a bit too but it’s going to be tough for her, and I’m not sure how she’s going to do it.  But at least she has a pretty good support network.  Sabby considers her part of the family now, and she’s doing good work for us too.  She’s actually really good at keeping cat-girl in line, and that’s hard work!!!

But as I also said, if she has her baby while we’re in Japan, things could get tough, and we’re going to have to plan for that.  Maybe we should give the first baker some management training.  Just in case.  Of course, management training in our shop is basically “don’t let cat-girl do anything that will get us sued”.

Haha… but not really joking.

We like cat-girl, and as I always say, she makes us boatloads of money – she’s really popular and people come from all over just to get a photo with her and buy some cookies.  And we do take pretty good care of her – I’m sure along with her “hobby” she’s putting a sizable chunk away for her future.  But…  she’s definitely high maintenance.  I’m just glad she doesn’t let it go to her head and likes what she does.  We can get along without her, for sure, but she does serve a unique role.

She’ll graduate from college at some point, then who knows what she’ll do.

Hopefully she won’t end up like Katie.  Sadly, that’s a possibility.

Anyway… enough about that, I guess.

Marie needs to go outside before bed.

Love you all!!! ❤

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