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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well…  practice practice practice.  I think I’m almost ready to start rehearsing with the orchestra.  In a couple of weeks, I guess.

Also, Yuki’s been a flurry of activity.  Right now the biggest challenge is finding an orchestral arrangement of her songs.  She’s getting Crystal to teach her how to use engraving software.  I wonder if she’ll be able to do it in time, she only has a month or two.  I guess she’ll have some long nights if she does it herself… or maybe she’ll get someone from tenerr (or whatever that site’s called) to do it.

They have to rehearse it too.  But these are professional musicians, shouldn’t be too hard for them to pick it up.

She’d better figure it out.  I wish I could help, but I don’t know anything about all that.

Other news.. Anathema’s settled into her new place, and she feels somewhat safe.  The really unhinged ones are either in prison or laying low right now, so…  I guess it works out.  Joe’s still coming over to do sweeps when he can, but he’s been recalled, so it’s proving to be a little difficult.  She does have that security system, though, so there are motion detectors and door ajar detectors and panic buttons…  the cops will know something’s wrong before she does.

They’re still an item, though.  He takes her out whenever he has a little time, and she doesn’t seem to mind.  I think he might pop the question soon.  He kinda has only a limited time, if he wants to give the baby a father.

Well, a real father, I guess.

I’ve got the application to Meiji all filled out and ready to go, I’m just waiting on the SAT scores…

So, anyway… just the usual right now.

Beth has a recital coming up too, as well as Liz.  She’s actually not doing too bad.  She and I have been rehearsing too, and she’s doing good.  I asked Anathema if she can make up a costume to look like Ai Hoshino.  She took it as a challenge, we’ll see what she comes up with.  Cosplay costumes are really easy to get wrong, and really hard to get right.  But if anyone can do it, Anathema can.  She was over taking Beth’s measurements.  All of her measurements.

But she was professional.  Good Anathema.

Anyway…  I guess it’s time to get some sleep.  Liz wants to rehearse with me too.  Busy busy!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Meiji is a real university in Tokyo.  It caters to westerners, or at least non-Japanese speakers, so my understanding is that it follows the American school year rather than the Japanese school year, and I’m also making a lot of assumptions as to how the admissions process goes there.  Truth is, I don’t have a clue and I’m just making stuff up.  I didn’t really feel like talking to someone from Meiji just to get an idea of the process so I could write slightly better crap.  It would be making trouble for them, and Japanese don’t really like that all that much.

So I may just as easily get it wrong as right.

But I’m not worried about it.  While I do strive for realism here where possible, sometimes it’s just not possible.

Of course, if someone from Meiji wants to tell me how wrong I got it, I’m all ears.

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