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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’ve never seen Yuki so excited!  She’s bouncing around trying to get all her ducks in a row… she hired an arranger to make an orchestral arrangement of a couple of her pop songs,  she’s getting all of the necessary parties together for licensing, she’s working with some idols she knows to come visit the US and do a few dances while they’re at it…  not everyone’s on board but enough are that she thinks she can make it work.

Fortunately, arrangers aren’t really that expensive.  You’d think they were, but..  not really.  And pop songs really aren’t all that hard.

I’m still waiting for the results of my SAT tests. It’ll probably be another week.  Aww.

So, otherwise… kinda boring.  Practice, practice.  Beth’s bday is coming up and I have to think of a good present for her.  Jack’s prom is coming up, too.  I have a nice enough dress, but he needs to go shopping for a tux or something.  He doesn’t want to go overboard with like a limo or anything like that, but I told him if I’m going to wear my nice dress with the leg slit, he’d better clean up nicely too.  He kinda sighed, but agreed.  So we’ll go shopping soon.

Boys, right?

Well, as boys go, he’s pretty good.  I don’t talk about him much lately, but it’s mostly because he’s busy studying.  He’s waiting for his SAT test results too.  He doesn’t know which college he wants to apply to, but the SAT results will help him decide.  Some colleges really don’t care about SAT results.  He kinda wants to go to one that does.  After all, it’s not just about what he does at school, but who he goes to school with too.  And people who got in without being all that smart aren’t the type that make good partners in school projects.

He’s… making a lot of sense, actually.

The thing about Jack is, he’s not dumb.  Really, he isn’t.  He’s just not… all that motivated, sometimes.

I wish I could take him to Japan with me, but…  I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I really don’t.

But oh well.  It just… well… shouganai.  Right?

I trust him, though.  We promised that if we were going to break up, that we were going to break up.  I actually don’t care as much if he ends up with another woman as much as that we break it off the right way.  I don’t think we will, I don’t want to, but I trust him that much, to do the right thing.  We’ve talked about it a lot, anyway.  Not the breaking up part, but the trust part.

Oh well.

It’s been spring break, but the girls have been off doing their own thing with their families.  Crystal’s parents wanted to take her on a road trip, and she’s been telling me about all the sights she’s seen.  Like this big ol’ replica of the Eiffel tower with a cowboy hat on top… huh?   And Diana, well, she went down to Mexico with her family to visit some extended family.  She took a plane, though… I guess driving through the cartel controlled regions is dangerous.  And Liz, well, they’re steering clear of China right now, so they drove up to Dallas to visit all the different chinatowns.  Liz was born here, but she still really likes actual, real Chinese food sometimes, and she gets upset when places like Panda Express try to pass itself off as Chinese.  She says it tastes fine, but it’s not Chinese.  And she also likes being around people who speak Chinese so she can practice.  They asked me to come along but I politely declined, I have far too much practicing to do, and that sudden trip to Japan really set me back.

Liz’s boyfriend invited her to his prom, too.  She’s really happy.  She wants me to go dress shopping with her.

I don’t talk about him much.  They’re still together.  They go on dates every now and then, but they have the same problem Jack and I do – too much studying to do.  But they’re seeing if they can get into the same college.  That’s sweet.

Anyway… guess I should go.  Another day of practicing tomorrow.  Am I going to say I’m ready for the concert right now?  I’m not.  But I’m more ready than I’ve ever been.  So there’s that.  If we were to have the concert tomorrow… I might muddle through.  But I need to be better than just muddling through.  So more practice for me!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

I forgot it was spring break.  Bad me.  But then, I don’t get spring break, so it’s easy to forget.

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