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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!


Most of the girls are here today.  We had pizza, and we’re eating chocolate and watching anime.  Yay!!!  Let’s see… what are we watching?  Yuki wanted to watch “I would die if my favorite idol made it to the Budokan”, and…  I think it might have given her PTSD.  Some of those otaku are obsessive.  But she said it was interesting to see it from the other side.  She also said some of the portrayals of idol life were pretty accurate.

Some of these anime have really long names.  I guess the reason is, that in some of the places where they show what anime there are to watch, they don’t have a place for a description.  So they make the title describe the anime.  “I was a teenage pop star who turned into a werewolf”, that kind of stuff.  Turns out there’s actually reasons for why Japanese do the sometimes weird stuff they do.

Like, did you know anime girls are supposed to look like cats?

I never looked at them the same way again, once I heard that.

So I guess I should go.  They’re starting to chant “onee-chan”, and as we’ve found out, nothing good ever comes from that.  Either I get pissed off, I turn into some semblance of a Japanese idol, or both.  Sigh.

There’s not much to talk about anyway.  Everything that was going on is still going on, not much that wasn’t isn’t, and it’s all good.

There’s a concert going on a little later at the shop, we might go over there and see if it’s any good.  I guess the Round Rockers came back.  They seem to like our venue.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Again, I have no idea whatsoever if a band called the “Round Rockers” actually exists.  If it does, and you see this, enjoy the free shout-out.  If it doesn’t, why doesn’t it?  It seems like a no-brainer name.

I don’t think my cat has long for this world.  I don’t think I will inflict that on Cat if she goes soon.  She’s 14, though, so she’s had a good long life.

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