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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And…  today is not a good day.

So I flew home today.  Robert took me to the airport.  Before I left, I gave Rebecca and her mother a hug and told Rebecca I’d look forward to seeing her in Texas soon.  She actually cried a little and made me cry too!  Aww!!!  But it’s okay.  I guess I made a new friend, not just a half-sister.  Sisters who are friends are as good as friends who are sisters!!!

A little choppy on the way home but we landed safely and Sabby came to pick me up.  She gave me a big hug, told me she missed me, and then told me Rebecca’s mother called and she and I would chat in the car.

I asked if I was in trouble, and she just said we’d chat in the car.


So as we were driving home, she pretty much laid into me about that game of truth-or-dare.  She said that the girls shouldn’t have dared me like that, but I knew better, and whatever possessed me to go to the kitchen dressed in glorified dental floss where my birth father could see?  She said I was lucky that it was his wife that saw me, and that if she had chosen to punish me for that, she would have supported her.  I mean, she went off.  She also said that she thought I was more mature than that, that she couldn’t believe I let them “peer pressure” me into doing that, whatever that means, and that if I ever pulled a stunt like that again, no matter what game I was playing, that she’d take me over her knee herself – BEFORE I put my pajamas back on.


She’s never went off on me like that.


Worse that she’s right.  I remember how she went off on Beth for doing something similar to Crystal, I should have known better.

But, she didn’t ground me or anything.  Truth is there’s not much she could ground me from other than from seeing Jack, and she likes Jack.  But she told me if I ever pull anything like that again, she will.

Honestly…  she’s right.  She really is.  I thought I was more mature than that too.  It’s not like I really wanted to be accepted by them, it’s just… there were four of them and one of me, and all of my friends are younger than me.  I mean, Beth, Diana, Crystal, Especially Allison… well, Liz is a tiny bit older I guess.  But they wanted to play that game, and I didn’t see any real harm in it, and…  and they were a little more, I guess… adventurous than my friends here would be.  I went along with it because I.. well… went along with it.

So, I guess that won’t happen again.

I guess Rebecca didn’t get off unscathed either.  She actually did get grounded.  Awwww.

But I guess it’s a good thing.  It means Robert and his wife can be somewhat trusted.  They might let her wear that “glorified dental floss”, but they’re actually pretty good parents, and…  that’s a good thing, I guess.

Still sucks.

But that’s one of two confrontations I had today.  The second was Beth.  When we finally got home after my reaming and eventual hug, Beth was there.  She gave me a big hug and told me she missed me, and Marie of course jumped all over me like she hadn’t seen me for a year.  That was cute. I told Beth I missed her too, but that we needed to talk.

She had the decency to blush a bit.

I told her that I was sick and tired of her always getting jealous of me, that I’d gladly trade my life for hers, but that she’d have to take all of my life, and that means losing all of her memories, her identity, everything that makes her her, and that I was getting really annoyed with how that seemed to not actually mean anything to her.  Yes, I got to go to the Oscars.  Was she willing to pay the price that I did for the opportunity??

She just turned red, said I didn’t understand, and stomped off to her room.

Well, she’s right.  I don’t understand, and I’m tired of it.

She’s not talking to me right now.  I care, but I don’t care.  I’m tired of her always being jealous every time something good happens to me.

Liz is over tonight.  I missed her.  A lot.

Well, right up until she started fake-gushing and asked for my autograph.  Little jerk.  Hahaha!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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