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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I promised I would tell about my date with Jack yesterday!!!

OH MY GOD HE IS PERFECT!!!!! Do you know what he did?  Do you know what that silly billy did?


He found five chocolatiers, one after another, and he took me there and told me I get to pick whatever I want!!!  I chose some of the most decadent, most chocolatey things, and then the next one was even better, and finally the last one, in Grandview Heights, was the highest rated in the area!!!  It smelled chocolatey!!!  There was chocolate everywhere!!!  Oh my God, he got such a big kiss from me for that!!!!  And I bet my kisses tasted like chocolate too!!!

And you know what the worst thing is?  There are chocolatiers in Texas!!! Near where I live!!! And it never even occurred to me.  I love chocolate sooo much, and it never occurred to me to go to a place that specialized in chocolate!!!  Jack came up with the best idea he could possibly have come up with for a date!!!  Then after all that he took me to a steakhouse and we ate a steak!!! It was delicious!!! And for dessert was chocolate cheesecake!!!

I swear I am going to marry that boy.  I swear.  I’m going to marry that boy, and at the wedding will be a chocolate fountain and chocolate cake and chocolate… well, we won’t talk about that, but he’ll like it!!!  He doesn’t like chocolate as much as I do, but that’s okay.  Not many people do!  In fact, I’m not sure what he really likes.

I guess boys aren’t quite the same as girls in that regard, right?  As Babymetal says in onedari saisakusen, We like pretty things!  We like shiny things!  We like delicious things!  kirakiramono daisuki! kawaiimono daisuki!  oishiimono daisuki!!!!

And boys, well… like us.

It’s a fair trade.


Ohhhhhh…. he got thanked.  He got soooooooo thanked.

Anyway, today was a little less exciting, though I still have some chocolate.  I shared a little – juuuuust a little – with Grace, and she loved it.  I gotta be careful, or I’ll spoil her, and then she won’t want normal chocolate.  Not that she’s allowed much of it anyway.  Girl bounces off the walls.  But we played legos and dolls and it’s warm out now, so we went to the park and pushed her on the swing and ran around with her…  she had soooo much fun!  I hope someday I have a little girl like her!!!

If the adults can stop being stupid, anyway.

Love you all!!! ❤

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