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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

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And it was a pretty good day!  But I’ll talk about that later.  I’ve been putting off talking about LA and what I thought about it.  I’m not sure I have a whole lot to say about it, but there are some things.

Mostly, it was just uncomfortable.

Don’t get me wrong.  Robert and his wife treated me pretty well, Rebecca turned out to be a pretty decent half-sister, and I’m even in touch with her friends!  Yu, in particular, is really interested to talk about Japan, and she wants to talk to Liz about her Chinese heritage too.  I guess there aren’t many Asian people in that part of LA, though there are many, many in the rest of LA.  They’re all a bit… sheltered, I think is a good word.  Rebecca, Britni, Chelsi, Kari, Yu… they have their own insular world where everyone has lots of money and big houses and hobnobs with celebs (though even they didn’t get to go to the Oscars!)  I mean, they go to other parts of LA sometimes, but just the popular or expensive ones.  Probably wouldn’t catch them dead in, say…  Compton?  I hear that’s not the greatest city.

Yu kind of seems to feel… oppressed.  Which to me is rather funny, considering she’s got a far wealthier family than I do, I suspect (and Dave’s no slouch!)  But it is what it is.

LA seems to have nice weather, generally, and I’ll admit the ocean is really pretty and it’s nice to spend time there.  For those reasons, I probably wouldn’t mind LA all that much.  But… everyone just seems so materialistic.  They like things more than people.  Here in Texas, we like things too, but people are important.  I don’t know if I’d like it very much there.

And my thoughts on Robert?  Well…  I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on him.  I certainly can see the frat boy in him who knocked Emiko up and didn’t even notice.  But I can also see the doting father in him who’d do absolutely anything for his daughter.  He’s very materialistic, proud of his accomplishments and his wealth, but…  he’s just a product of his environment, I guess.  He seems okay.  I’d go back.

And Rebecca, well, she is kind of spoiled.  I think she’d even admit that.  But she’s not a bad girl, a lot more, I dunno, normal than I am in some ways.  But then, who isn’t, really?  She might want to go to Japan with us.  I don’t mind, and neither does Sabby – but they have to pay her way.  I mean, it’s not like they can’t afford it.  I bet Robert has tons of miles to burn.

So many people going to Japan…  I think we’re going to need to get a hotel.  Because we certainly can’t all be in bedrolls in a spare room of Emiko’s parents’ house.

Well, we’ll plan, I guess.


So today was alright.  Went to church – it’s still a bit boring, if I’m being honest.  But the pastor was nice.  He came up to me after and asked me how my trip was.  I hadn’t even told him!  But…  I guess knowing things about his flock is his job, right?

Oh, and yesterday, Beth and I drove up to that xtreme jump place in Temple, and had a blast.  Just her and I.  And then we had some pizza at a place in the Temple mall.  Apparently they used to have a good Japanese place but it closed.  Awww.  But the pizza is pretty good.

And today, Jack and I went on a date.  Well, this time, his parents took Grace and Lily to the park, and told us they’d be back in a couple of hours.

We were cuddling on the couch when everyone came back and grace and Lily pounced all over me.  I missed Grace!  I told her all about LA, in kid terms, of course.  She’s got a birthday soon!!!  I need to find her something fun!!!

And, well, that’s my day.  I feel warm inside and relaxed, of course.  Everything turned out okay.  Beth and I are talking, I had a decent time in LA the shop seems to be humming along (I’ll need to update y’all on that too but there’s been so much else to talk about) and all’s well that ends well.  Until the next adventure.

Love you all!!! ❤

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