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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And back to the grind, I guess!!!

I have it on good authority that Beth is going to have a VERY good birthday this year.  I mean, you only turn sixteen once, right?  Well, except I did twice.  Haha!!  But we shall not say any more about that, because, well, DUH.

So…  well, who saw that coming?  It turns out all my friends want to meet each other.  So I set up a group chat, and everyone’s on it!  Ai, Liz, Beth, Rebecca, her friends, me of course..  It’s one big party!  Well…  I’m sure there will be hurt feelings every now and then, but…  I’ve got so many friends and friends of friends that it only made sense!  Chelsi posted some pictures of her surfing!  She’s really good, and Ai’s a little jealous!!!  But then Ai posted a picture of her in a Japanese garden in kimono, and Yu is a bit jealous!  And then Diana posted photos of her famous tacos, and EVERYONE wants a taste!!!

But I think it’s pretty cool.  Everyone is getting to know each other.

I hope I don’t regret that, for real.

Anyway, so I haven’t posted a shop update lately.  It’s going well.  Katie’s running a pretty tight ship, cat-girl is coordinating outfits and, well, being cat-girl…  The Baker is baking up a storm…  everyone’s getting along pretty well.  There’s still a tiny bit of friction between cat-girl and Katie, but Katie can’t deny how much business cat-girl drums up.  We have a couple more cat-girls and they’re pretty good too, but they have their own style of cosplay.  One of them dresses up in a skintight suit like neon genesis evangelion.  I mean, it’s skintight.  In fact, Sabby had a bit of an issue with it, until she showed Sabby the manga and, well, it really is that tight.  So Sabby begrudgingly said it was okay.  I asked her how she manages to wear that all day!  She said it’s breathable, so it’s actually really comfortable.

I asked her how she keeps underwear lines from showing.

She wouldn’t tell me.

Hahaha!!!  Maybe I don’t want to know anyway!

And then there’s manga girl.  She likes to dress up like characters from Japanese manga.  In practice, that means Japanese schoolgirl outfits.  And, well…  the three of them together?  They, ummm…  I’m actually wondering if we should hire a security guard.  They really attract the business.

Baker kind of got in the spirit.  She dresses a little bit like a 1950s short order cook, except the apron is a lot cleaner.

Sabby refuses to dress up, though, and so does Katie.  They say the uniforms are enough dressing up.  I’ve gone down there a couple of times with my puffy, frilly outfit, and everyone said I was so cute.  Especially when I put bows in my hair and do it up in twintails.  I guess I am!  But mostly, I just leave it to the cat-girls.

And while I was gone, baker made up the order for my “benefactor” – it was a really large order.  It fit on a rather large pallet.  In fact, we had no idea how to get it to them… but a rather large truck showed up with some guys in suits and sunglasses, and they pallet jacked it right on there.  They said “thanks”, and drove off.  I guess they were going to take it down to Austin Bergstrom and fly it out on a freighter.  Who IS my benefactor, anyway???

And, of course, full payment appeared mysteriously in our bank account.  That was quite a tidy sum, let me tell you.

My benefactor sent me a courier a couple of days later saying that everyone wherever he or she works LOVED them.  I’m not going to say they might have greased the wheels a bit between Russia and Ukraine… but they might have!!!! Hahha!!!

Manga-girl told me that one guy came in dressed like a male protagonist and… gave her a headpat!!!


Everyone else told me she giggled like a little girl and blushed insanely, and everyone’s been picking on her about that for weeks!  Hahaha!!!

Okay, well, that’s the shop update.  We’re doing well,  Weve been talking about opening another location in South Austin, but…  we’re putting that off for a bit in favor of letting our bank account grow.

I went shopping for Beth’s present today!  And it was hard!  But I found it!  Hahah!!! Yatta!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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