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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Beth kicked me out today!! Awww!!!

The girls came over for our weekly practice and we were doing some practice, then after an hour she told me to get out and go to the mall or something, there’s something she wants to surprise me with.


Is there anyone else who can play the drums?  I guess we’ll find out.

So I went to the mall or something.  When I came back she was looking really satisfied with herself, but I guess we’ll find out.  She wants to book next weekend at the shop/venue for a concert…  but I guess we’ll see what she’s cooked up.

All the other girls weren’t telling me a thing. AWWWW.

Anyway, I trust Beth, she won’t do anything too embarrassing.  I almost said she won’t do anything embarrassing, but then, I’m not a minor celebrity in Japan (and at anime conventions) because she wouldn’t do anything embarrassing…

She wanted to practice “Idol” too.  Girl’s really gotten good at singing.  I mean, she’s not professional, but I’d feel comfortable on a stage with her.

She’s gotten okay at guitar, too.  Nowhere near Crystal levels, but she can strum out a few chords, so she’d be okay at rhythm guitar.  I guess she goes over to Crystal’s house sometimes after school and practices with her.  If we were to Bocchify our roles, I’d be Nijika, Beth would be Kita, Crystal would be Bocchi, and Diana would be Ryo.  I have no idea how they managed whatever they were doing without a drummer, but…  Beth wouldn’t have looked so self-satisfied if she didn’t have that covered…

Diana’s getting a little more into the band stuff.  It’s still not her first choice, but I think she likes spending time with her friends and making music.

Oh… and Crystal keeps improving by leaps and bounds.  At this rate she’s going to be a top-rated guitarist in a couple of years.  How she pulled that one off, I don’t know, but I admit… I had discounted her.  Maybe she’s found her calling.

Anyway… Sabby’s booked us, for better or for worse.  I guess I’m going to have to make sure to have brushed up on the drums, too, amongst everything else.  Oh well.  Of all of us, I have both the easiest and most difficult job, so I think it’ll be okay.

Next Friday night!  Come see us!  … come to think of it, did we ever actually name our band?  Hah!!!  If we did, we’ve never really used it, so I genuinely forgot.  I should ask the girls.

Oh, ummm…  dangit.  We have to talk costumes.  Maybe Anathema can hook us up.  I refuse to wear anything too rocker chick though.  Torn leggings and knee high boots…  okay.  Jean skirt and tube top… okay.  Temporarily dyed hair… eh, but okay, I guess.  KISS style makeup and leather body?  NO.

Sabby would kill me, anyway.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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