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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I still don’t know what Beth’s up to, but she’s really preparing for something.  The girls came over this evening so we could practice, and then after a while she kicked me out again.  Awww.

Oh well, I went to get a chocolate shake, she even threw money at me so I’d go, so… win-win, I guess.  Maybe I should be upset.  I’m not, though.  I don’t know why.

Otherwise, I’m going back to practicing, but not quite as intensely as before.  I mean, I’ve got it memorized, I can play it through, it’s not like I’m not going to be prepared.  So I’ll be alright I guess.

Sabby promised she’d take me to the waterpark after my concert.  SCORE.

Anyway… ummm… nothing else big going on.  Just the usual stuff.  Practice, school, other practice, even more other practice (Liz has her concert coming up too), and…  ummm…  yeah.  Just a lot going on, and most of it musical.

Wonder how that happened?

Oh well.

I think it started with Bocchi the Rock.  Crystal got inspired, and, well…


Oh, it turns out, everyone else forgot if we made a band name, so we just took a bit of time and thought of a new one.  We’re “Crystal and the Rockiest Rocking Rockers that ever Rocked in Round Rock”.  But we just abbreviated it to “Crystal’s Rocking Rockers”.  None of us care that she gets top billing.  It’s pretty much her band right now anyway.  We all just did it for her.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Yeah, that’s a lame band name.  These are bunch of teenage girls.  What did you expect, after all?

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