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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

And tornadoes do suck!!!

So today Maria went back with the insurance adjuster while Diana was at school to start getting approval for repairs on their house – I guess insurance was slammed and this is when they could get the appointment.  It’s going to be a few months before it’s back to normal, but the good news is that the insurance has found them some long term housing until their house is livable again.  Aww.  But at least there’s that.  They don’t have to stay with us anymore.  I’ll miss Diana.  I told her she has to teach me or Sabby how to make those delicious tacos.  And she said that we’re going to have to have some chocolate together someday.

That settles it.  She’s my sister.

Anyone who wants to share chocolate is a sister.

Jack couldn’t apologize enough for having such a bad idea of what a slumber party is, but I told him it’s alright.  He didn’t know.  And it’s not like boys are told much about the inner lives of girls, especially boys that don’t have teenage sisters.  But I told him he knows now, so he’d better get those ideas out of his head.  MISTER.  He said that I probably have ideas about how boys are too.  I said, yeah right, you just think about girls, eating, cars, and sleep.

He got quiet.  Then said I wasn’t wrong.

It’s not that boys aren’t complicated, but they’re complicated in a different way.  Not that way.  That way they’re dead simple.  Keep them fed and… well… fed…  and they’re pretty happy campers.

Oh and I video called with Grace tonight!  She wants choc’late!  And she’ll get some!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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