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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’ll be honest – of all the people I’ve grown close to since I was found and adopted, my relationship with Beth has been the rockiest.  Liz and I have always got along really well.  David and I, well, we’ve never really gotten along, but we’ve never really been at odds either.  He’s just David.  You can’t really be mad at him for being him, because that’s just who he is – and he’s kind of mellowed out a little over the past year.  Maybe his girlfriends have been good for him, the little player.  Emiko was a little rocky, but we got to know each other, and we get along pretty well now.

But Beth really hated me when I first arrived.  She has an acidic tongue and isn’t afraid to use it.  She called me names, she tried to bully me (but mostly failed because I’m bigger and because Sabby put a stop to that really fast), she wanted nothing to do with me.  Eventually she warmed to me – that story is at the very beginning of this diary nearly two years ago now (has it been that long? really?) but our relationship has definitely had its ups and downs.

I forgave her, obviously.  But I’d be lying if I said I completely forgot.  She really hurt me, back then.  And I didn’t really do anything to her, either, except for to exist.

But she’s always kind of been a striver.  People tell me that I’m kind but gullible, and I guess I am.  Remember last birthday, when they threw a surprise party for me, and Liz pretty much literally all but told me, and I never guessed?  And every game of truth or dare people seem to get me to do things I wasn’t really planning on doing, and I know that, and I do it anyway.  It’s the only time Sabby’s really been angry with me, is when I let people take advantage of me like that.  And wandering around Robert’s house pretty much naked?  She’s right, I guess.

But that’s a.. what’s the word?  Tangent?  Yeah.

I’m gullible, but Beth’s driven.  She’s really smart and she really wants to succeed.  She certainly seemed to feel held back at school, especially when they were doing remote classes, but she’s always trying to better herself and experience new things.  I think it’s a bit hard for her because she doesn’t have the same kind of opportunities she would in high school, even though she felt a little hld back.  I think part of the reason she gets so upset when she’s left out, is that she’s so driven, and hates to see other people get opportunities she doesn’t.

And let’s face it, I’ve had a lot of opportunities.  I mean, co-owning Sabby’s business with her, going to Japan, going to Orlando, going to LA, getting to go to the Oscars…  that’s really something, I guess.  And Beth, well, what does she get to do?  Go to classes, I guess.  She’s about to start singing lessons, which is good because she loves to sing.  And she’s good at it too.  And, well… what else?

Poor Beth.

I don’t think she’s happy unless she’s working towards something – apparently, when she achieves what she’s worked for, it upsets her.  But then she finds something else and it’s all good again.

I don’t understand her at all.  But I guess it takes all kinds, right?

I’m not Beth’s teacher, Sabby is, but I don’t think we’re doing right by her.  I don’t think she’s thriving, and I want her to thrive.  Like I am!!!

I really don’t.

But next time I go to see Emiko I’m taking her with me.

Love you all!!! ❤

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