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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

But it wasn’t me! Lily! Last night!!!  I had technical problems and couldn’t upload a post!  I had to upgrade a plugin or something!  It was annoying!!!

But here I am!  Your favorite seventeen year old half-Japanese girl named Lily, and Yuriko at the same time!!!  How many other seventeen year old half-Japanese girls are there named Lily AND Yuriko? I don’t know! I’d guess none!  Hahaha!!!

Well, it’s kinda late, so I won’t write too much.  I wish computers would work all the time!!!  Beth seems to be doing a bit better.  I talked to Sabby and said I didn’t think she was being challenged.  Sabby said, isn’t she taking college courses, those aren’t challenging? I said, well, kind of, but if we’re being honest some of those people can barely read, and she’s a lot more driven than that.  Sabby said she’d think about it.

Sometimes I don’t think Sabby takes me seriously.  Oh, I mean she does sometimes, but I’l still a seventeen year old girl, and, well, she’s not!  So I tell her my concerns, and she’s as likely to tell me I’m imagining things as she is to take me seriously.  I may be wrong, but I don’t really imagine things.  Sigh.  But Beth is her daughter, so I guess at some point I just have to trust her to do the right thing.  I can go to bat for Beth, but ultimately, she’s the umpire…  or something like that.

But I guess there are things I can do too that aren’t stepping on Sabby’s toes.  Well, too badly, anyway.

Okay!  I’m sleepy!!!

Oh!  Allison wanted me to make it very clear to everyone that while she and David danced, it wasn’t a slow dance!  David doesn’t really know how to dance anyway.  Maybe someone should teach him.  Her blue dress was really pretty though!

Love you all!!! ❤

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