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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Lots of practicing going on right now.  Me for my concert, the band for, well, its concert tomorrow, and Liz and Beth have to get their time in too.  Hopefully this quiets down soon.

I did have a meeting with the conductor and played through my piece.  He says it still needs some work but it’s coming along really well, and he wants to start practicing with the actual orchestra next week.  That’s pretty cool.  I hope I don’t screw up too badly.

Today we went shopping and got clothes for our performance tomorrow.  You know us girls, we love shopping for clothes.  Crystal wanted us to go wild, but I put my foot down and said that I wanted to wear something I wouldn’t be ashamed to see plastered all over LINE, because, let’s face it, chances are high it will be.  Crystal backed down on that, she forget I was semi-famous in Japan. So we got some edgy t-shirts and skirts that are a little shorter than all of us are comfortable with, but not so short that Sabby told us to stop slinging parts from one side of the room to the other.  It’s a pretty good compromise.  I don’t usually wear short skirts, but I made an exception for this time.  Even Jack didn’t mind, and he can get a bit prickly when I wear stuff that’s too revealing.

So, well, tomorrow’s our concert.

Beth’s been kicking me out of the practices for about half an hour everyday.  It’s truthfully getting a bit annoying, but she’s throwing chocolate at me, so I can’t be too mad.  Sabby’s being a bit cagey too, I wonder what’s going on.

Oh well.

I might post late tomorrow.  Our concert is tomorrow and then there’s an afterparty of sorts, and…  well…  might as well enjoy it because it’s all ending soon.  Right?

Love you all!!! ❤️

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