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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!


I wasn’t expecting it to be that fast.  But, they’d already interviewed me, and I guess the fact that I’m “train onee-chan” kind of was a tick in my favor.   I…  I guess I’m going to Japan this fall.

I’m happy.  But….  but I’m not.

I guess they’re going to send an orientation packet, and a few other things, and all that kinda stuff.  Thankfully, there’s very little I have to do actually in Japan, so I’ll just fly there when it’s time.  I guess I have some visa stuff to do with the Japanese government too, and… and…


and I’m going to Japan.

I’m happy.  I should be happy.  This is what I wanted.  I…  then why am I crying?

I told Jack, too.  He…  he’s taking it well.  Better than me, I guess.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Again, I’m making stuff up wrt Meiji. About the only thing the Meiji of this story has in common with the Meiji of Chiyoda ward is the name, the fact that it’s got a big tower, and it starts in September (as far as my small amount of research tells me).  At least one of those things could even be wrong, but if it is, I’m just going to go with it for the story.  Or retroactively rename it to Beigy and have it have a tannish-white color scheme and have it start in September.

But I think it’s right.  Meiji is supposed to be, as far as the very small amount of research I did, a western-style University in Japan, so it hews to the western school schedule.  Dunno how that works, but hey.

Lily’s going to Japan, probably around the end of August.  And that’s when the story will end.  At least this iteration.

But I have some very fun stuff planned right up until then.  Not every day, of course, this is a “cute girls doing cute things slice of life literary-moe” story, (and sometimes CGDCTSOLLM stories are just about having cute girls lazing around and making fans make warbling sounds by yelling in them – I’m looking at YOU, Konata), but enough that there are a couple of storylines I’m looking forward to.  Especially one very close to the end of the story.

Truth be told… it’s time for the story to end.   For the same reason I stopped paying attention to Babymetal.  This story was at its best when Lily was fourteen or fifteen, and so were her friends.  Now that she’s eighteen, she’s transitioning to adulthood.  It’s the way of things, of course, but not nearly as fun to write.  I mean, I guess I could, right?  But then it would be a bunch of cute adult women doing cute adult things, and, well… it’s just not the same.  If I want to write a story like that, I’ll just have it start like that.

Nothing wrong with it, it’s just never been the story I wanted to write here.

Yes, Lily is ending.  It’s decided.  Exact date unknown, but it will probably be sometime between August 24th and September 1st.  It may well be she hops on a plane right after leaving Jack’s birthday party.  Umm…  yeah.  That could make for a poignant ending.

Vaguely tolerate you all!!! 💩hehehe

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