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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Friday!!! And Allison had her choir concert today!!!

It was fun!!!

All those kids in their black and green t-shirts singing stuff!!! They sang “Top of the World”, “Revolting Children”, and even “Sky Full of Stars”!!  They did a good job!!!  Except some of the kids couldn’t stand still!  Hahaha!!!

Allison is a good singer!!!

Speaking of singing, Beth wants to take singing lessons!!!  I asked my piano teacher if she could recommend someone, but we haven’t found the right person.  She’s not a bad singer at all!!!

So after Allison’s choir, we had a nice family night.  The girls didn’t come over tonight, and we just watched a movie as a family.  It was nice.  Beth and I spent some time talking and doing each others’ hair too!!!  We don’t do that often enough – there’s always so much to do.  But sisters need to make time, right?

I have my tickets to go to LA!!!  I hope it’s fun!!! It’s been snowy in the LA area, but I guess it’s clear for the near future.  I hope I don’t get caught in snow!  Awww!!! I like snow, but you don’t go to LA for snow, y’know?

I’ve chatted a bit with Robert, but haven’t really met his wife or Rebecca.  I hope she’s nice!!!  She’s my half sister, after all!!!

Oh!  And everyone’s going to Japan!!!  The whole family!!!  Emiko and Aika and Mika too!!!  This’ll be fun!!! If… ummm… a little crowded?  Ai can’t wait!!  David wants to see Akihabara!!!

Anyway, was a good day.  Maybe Beth would like to join a choir!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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