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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Friday!!!

And all the girls are over!  Liz, Diana, Crystal, Beth…  and we even set up a video with Rebecca and her friends and even Ai!  Allison couldn’t make it, but she said hi!  She did join the video chat for a bit to meet everyone!!!

Ai seems a little… confused… by Rebecca and her friends.  Yu was actually kind of gushing, I think she’s a worse weeb than Crystal!  But mostly I think she’s just trying to find her heritage.  But there was just so much chattering going on and it was early Saturday for Ai, and eventually she just said she had to eat breakfast and left.  Aww.  I’ll have to talk to her later.  Rebecca and her friends are a force of nature!!!

We ordered pizza tonight, and have some ice cream and other snacks too, and everyone pigged out!  Now we’re all in our pajamas and very much not playing “truth or dare” (Sabby outlawed that game, and probably a good decision if I’m being honest).  But we’re having fun anyway.  Beth’s really getting along with Kari, they’re about the same intelligence, and Britni, well…  she’s sweet, anyway.  She really is sweet, but we’ve kind of given up explaining stuff, and she really doesn’t seem to mind just watching everything happen around her.  She’ll make some guy a good wife, but, well… he’d better make a good living.

We’re going to bed soon.  Sabby’s about done with the squealing and chattering anyway.  Hahaa!!!

Okay!  Time for bed!

Love you all!!! ❤

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