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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’ve been so boring lately!! Awww!!! I mean, you come here for your dose of cute lily, but also to know what I’ve been up to, and all my sisters and family and stuff, and all I’ve been doing is practicing!!!  I just talk about practicing and Japan and a couple of other things!

But… I guess if you’re going to be with me on the really good things, like when I go to Japan or when I do concerts or when I eat chocolate… I guess you’re going to be with me on the boring things as well.  I mean, if we were real friends, it’d be the same way, right?  I’d be sitting on the bed with a book and you’d be flopped over on the floor with a music player and maybe we wouldn’t even say anything!  Then we’d get chocolate and go back to doing whatever we were doing!!!

So I guess it’s okay.  But it’s not, too!  You’re a guest on my diary!  I have to keep you entertained!!!

Well, I guess I can try.

I hope I do well on the SATs this weekend.  I took a practice test and I did alright, but I’m a little worried.  And there’s no Japanese on SATs!!!  Aww!!!  And no music!!!  Just Math and English…  But I’m sure it’ll be alright.

After the SATs I’m going to send in my application to Meiji and then maybe take a break.  Not from practicing!  But from the other stuff.  It’s been exhausting.

Speaking of exhausting… I guess bed isn’t a horrible idea.  Goodnight!!!

Don’t hog the blankets!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator

Lily kind of mirrors my feelings right now.  I feel like the story’s been boring.  Oh well.  Shouganai.

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