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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Yuki and I went to see the board of directors today.  As we expected, they weren’t exactly, well, receptive.  But they were fair.

The conductor introduced me as their upcoming soloist, and I introduced Yuki as a former Japanese performer who was very famous in Japan.

The conductor said he’d heard I was pretty famous too, while smirking.

I blushed.

Anyway, I explained my idea for introducing a couple of idol songs with real idols dancing, and played a YouTube of one of Yuki’s performances.

They watched politely, and then asked why I thought they, a classical music organization, would ask them to make time for something that was so, well, not classical music?

I told them that Yuki was really famous in Japan, I was a little famous, that when we put on a performance in our little live house that we had a full house made of mostly of people who flew from Japan just to see her, and that it was a pretty good bet that if they did something like that, that they’d have, if not a full house, than a pretty full house.  And also a very engaged and passionate audience, who would sit politely through the classical parts of the program and probably even enjoy them.

And that it would do a lot for international recognition of their organization.

They weren’t exactly persuaded, but they seemed more persuaded than when we started, so I guess that’s a good thing.  They said that idol performances seem to have a few dancers and singers, and that Yuki was only one – where was she going to get other dancers if they decided to do that?

She said she had that under control.  And winked at me.  She said she had to ask a few people for some favors, but that she’d have a lineup worthy of Tokyo Dome.

I hope she’s not thinking what I think she’s thinking.

really hope she’s not thinking what I think she’s thinking.

They thanked us for our time, and said they’d tell us their decision shortly.

I guess that’s all we can expect.

Yuki’s not telling me what she’s planning.  I really, really, really hope she’s not thinking what I think she’s thinking.

Lots of stuff happening this weekend.  The new single, “densha ni oneechan wo komarasanaide” (don’t embarrass your older sister on the train) is out tomorrow.  I guess otaku are already lining up to buy a blu-ray.  Yuki and I both had one show up unexpectedly at our door via FedEx this morning.  I haven’t got a chance to watch it yet, maybe I’ll watch it after the SATs on Saturday.  Yuki did watch it, and said it’s remarkably well made, if a little cheesy.  Which is about par for idol stuff, so no biggie.

Miki and group have a handshake event tomorrow with all the otaku who buy a copy, so…  hope they have fun.  And don’t catch anything…

Alright.  Gotta go.  I’m practiced out and studied out and tired.

Oh, hmm.  An email from the producer.  Wonder what that’s about…

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

So, it turns out, I pretty much made a “cute girls doing cute things” serial fiction before I even know that was a thing.   I guess liking cute girls doing cute things is universal, eh.

Lily is currently thinking about that and will say something about it soon.  She watched k-on and is starting to put the pieces together.

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