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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s boringly boring today, too!!!

It didn’t even rain!  Though they’re saying we should fix that this weekend.  So much rain…

But as I keep saying, we need the rain.  Rain is good.  Especially in central Texas.

I put Allison’s birthday present together today!  Plus I got David’s too.  Sabby let me go to the mall to get what I needed.  I guess family is more important than grounding.  I think she’ll like it – and you know David’s really easy to please.  Yeah, you can probably guess what I got him.

So I spent today going to class and practicing.  Pretty much nothing else.  That’s not too hard a piece, but it has its moments!  I’ve pretty much got the first movement down, now I’m working on the third!  All those notes!  Especially at the end!!!  Sometimes Sabby just watches me play, shakes her head, and walks off.  I asked her what she’s thinking, and she said it just seems to come so easy to me.  She’s always wanted to play, and never was any good at it.

I told her I play piano, and she makes cookies.  She’s like the Mozart of cookies.

That seemed to make her feel better.

But the thing is, I don’t know if it comes easy to me.  Maybe I practiced for hours and hours since I was three and just don’t remember it!  So…  maybe that’s not fair.  But… maybe it is.  I don’t know.

My teacher told me to have an encore ready too, just in case.  So I’ll just do a Beethoven Sonata or something.  Pfft.  I’ll just do a Beethoven sonata.  Some people really struggle with those.

I’m tired.  And I’m starting to practice in my sleep.  Aww.

Marie and Cat are funny, though.  When I practice, they come around and sit next to the piano and just listen.  It’s the cutest thing.

Anyway, speaking of which, gotta go to bed.  Marie’s whining.

Love you all!!! ❤

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