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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And today was boringly boring.

But I’d rather have boringly boring, I think.  The past few days haven’t been all that fun.

So the car’s all put back together now and Dave’s driving it around to break the engine in and let the rings seat.  So that’s good.  I didn’t screw it up as far as I know.  Dave said it would have been cheaper to just buy a crate engine and put it in, but then I wouldn’t have learned anything.  He’s right.  I guess education does cost, right?  It always costs something, either money, or time…

The business has been going pretty well, though I haven’t been around much.  The two bakers are really killing it!  One has been doing baked goods, the other has been doing lunch items like gourmet sandwiches, that kinda thing.  We’re transitioning from just a cookie shop to a cookie and lunch shop, and people have been coming in at lunch and even dinner time to pick up a quick, healthy, but really tasty snack.  It’s really working out!

And,, of course, cat-girl is, well, being cat-girl.  We keep having to reign her in from being too revealing or.. other things.  I forget if I mentioned it, but we caught her in back with a customer she thought was “cute”.  She’s lucky she didn’t get fired for that.  After she pulled everything back on, Sabby took her into the back office and had a “come-to-Jesus”, as she puts it, with her.  One more thing like that and she’s out, and she’s really lucky she got that second chance… but truthfully, she makes us way too much money.  We’re keeping her if we can, but she sure doesn’t make it easy sometimes.

Thankfully anime-girl and skintight-girl are getting almost as popular.  Hiring some mini-cat-girls was a really good idea.

The thing is, she doesn’t really mean to cause trouble.  She’s not an awful person, or mean, in fact, she’s usually pretty happy and cheerful, and customers love her (especially that one) – and she’s pretty smart.  She just… loves using her body and has zero impulse control.

Katie’s really starting to show now.  In lieu of pregnancy leave, she’s got carte blanche to eat whatever she wants, and…  well…  she sure is.  Remember how I always say chocolate fixes everything?  Well, fixes cravings too, apparently.

Things are humming along, I guess, and that’s good.  I should be more involved, but classes and, well, drama is a bit more important.  Plus I have a lot of practicing do to.  It’s a hard piece!!!  I’ve been spending a couple of hours a day trying to get it right.  I’ve almost got the first movement down.  That ending!!!

Okay…  I should sleep now.

Love you all!!! ❤

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