Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I don’t know how it took so long for LINE to figure out that me, Haruka, Suzuka, and sometimes Yuki are all staying together.  I have a whole idle group under my roof!  And, well… the otaku are going nuts.

Thankfully they haven’t figured out where I live.  And I have a common last name, both here and in Japanese.

We went to rehearse today, with the orchestra, and we’re really close to having everything ready to go.  The orchestra LOVED their outfits, and they danced around a few times while the orchestra practiced their songs.  It actually is a really neat effect… it’s like j-pop really does meet orchestra, and when put together, it’s a little different than both.  I like it.

However, apparently, I’m not supposed to wear a gown.  I’m supposed to wear a Japanese school uniform, too.  They told me I can get a fancy one, but it should fit the theme.


I don’t even have one.  All the other girls do because they played their prank on me, but I don’t.  I guess I need to get on Amazon or a cosplay supply shop and find one.

They’ve been decorating the auditorium, and they have a sign up that says (in actual Japanese) “Austin Symphony High School”.  They’re really going all out, but it’s funny.  I guess dress rehearsal next week will be a sight to behold.

(If I can get my outfit in time, but if worse comes to worse, I’ll borrow one from Beth, she’s got a similar enough build to me…  though the skirt might be a little short on me, I’m taller than her.  Oh well, it’s not like anyone will complain.

But no wig.  That’s where I draw the line.  Besides, my hair is Japanese enough.

The conductor asked if there were any ceremonies they do at the start of class, so I showed them the one where they stand up and say “honor” and some other stuff, and he loved it.  What have I created?

Anyway…  Graduation is in a couple of weeks too…  I don’t think I’m ready for it.  I don’t think I’m anywhere near ready for it.

Oh well.

Haruna still seems a little… off.  She’s working hard and is happy enough, but I see her lip quivering when she thinks no one’s looking. Aww.

Oh…  Miki’s group is pivoting!!!  I guess they’re all getting tired of being semi-talented idols who sing and dance and hold otaku hands.  They want to do something really amazing.  The producer is getting them actual dancing training with a real sensei, and they’re learning how to play instruments and stuff too.  It’s hard work, but they seem happier than before.  It’s like they’re starting to feel like they’re a little more than pretty faces.  I mean, they’re pretty faces too, but they’re starting to worry about their job opportunities after they graduate, and in my opinion, they’re kind of right to worry.  Maybe they’ll get married to a successful guy, but…  that’s not a given, especially in Japan.  So I’m happy for them.  the producer seems to be one of the good ones.

Besides, idol groups are kind of changing right now – they’re not sure how long their business model will last anyway.

It’s not like they’ll become experts in a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they turn into.

No real other news…  we’re going to do something fun this weekend. Yay!!!  Oh, there are a couple of things – Sabby did close on a new shop and we’re going to get that set up over the next few weeks, and… David’s going off to camp again in a few weeks.

He’ll probably see his “girlfriend” there.

And he’s kind of figured out what girls are for.

This might be a disaster.  Or it might turnout really good for him.. and that would still be a disaster.  I have no idea why that girl’s stuck with him for this long, but…  oh well.

Love you all!!! ❤️