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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s Friday!!!


Ummm…  I guess.

All the girls are over tonight.  We’re going to do a girl-pile, just like old times!!! It’s been a while.  It’s been either me over at Liz’s, or Beth over somewhere, or no one over anywhere…  so tonight we have pizza and soda and lots and lots of chocolate (of course!) and movies and games.. and I think Sabby’s going nuts with all the giggling and squealing!!!  But… girls will be girls.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And I think if she were being honest, neither would she.

I wonder if David holes up in his room with his games sometimes just for self-preservation.

He still hangs out with Little Miss Priss’s brother, but not very often.  They live a bit far away and they’re not best friends, just have a shared interest in games.  But I guess shared interests are important.

I played through the first and second movements of my concerto though, for everyone!  I even set up a video call for Rebecca and her friends!  Everyone was really impressed.  Yu plays violin, like Liz does, but she thought I was pretty good.  Chelsi and Britni, well..  Chelsi thought it was pretty cool, and Britni… well, I think she wondered where Beyonce was.  Still sweetest girl ever, though.  Kari just had a bunch of technical questions I couldn’t answer, but Beth piped up and they had like an hour chat just about music theory.  Way over my head, but I’m glad everyone’s getting along.

I actually wonder how Britni and Kari ended up in the same friend group, but hey.

Some maybe strong storms are coming, but it’ll be fine.  We’ll all be in a pile and we’ll make sure Liz is at the bottom of the pile where everything’s safe and warm.

I really do think she appreciates that.  I’m not really scared by most storms… but they are flashy and loud and boomy, so…  I guess I understand.

Oh…  we’re making all the travel arrangements to Japan now!!!  But there’s so many more people now, it’s gotten pretty complicated!  There’s all of us, Emiko and her family, Robert and his family, and her friends want to tag along too (everyone’s paying their own way because dang it, they’re rich!)  That’s like seventeen people!!! If this keeps up it might be cheaper just to charter our own plane!  Haha!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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