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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Today I went down to the high school to meet with the music director!

I played through the concerto for him.  He thought I did a pretty good job, but showed me some places where I got the interpretation a little off.  But all in all, it went well.  Then he invited me to stay for his class,, and I sat in a corner and watched him rehearsing with the orchestra!  It was interesting, hearing the parts in person!

Then at the end, he wanted me to play with the orchestra just for a few measures just to see how it felt, and wow, it felt so weird.  I’ve been playing by myself for so long, it feels completely different with an orchestra plugging away in my left ear.  It’ll take some getting used to!

But at least school is over for the summer, at least at ACC, and their school year ends Thursday, so then we’ll have a LOT of time to rehearse.  I guess their orchestra, while it’s a class, is also kind of an extracurricular activity, and they’ll have a concert in June, even though their “real” classes have ended.  Gotta love music nerds, right?  Haha!!!

It’s actually nice seeing so many students my age actually dedicated to doing something.  I like it.

Oh, speaking of school being over, both Beth and I did pretty well.  I didn’t really mention our midterms and stuff because of so much other stuff going on, but we passed, and I guess that’s all that matters, right?  We’ll need to register for next year soon.  We’ve still got a lot of credits to go.  I’m kinda glad we did that, it’s working out pretty well.

After school’s out here (for people who aren’t me), I think we’re going to have a big end of school party!  With all the girls!  It’ll be fun!!!

Oh, Allison sent me a thank you card today for her present!  How sweet!  And she’s good at drawing too!!!  She drew me!  Even my floppy bits!  Haha!!!  But I hear Milo’s a bit sick.  Aww.  Hope he gets better.

Love you all!!! ❤

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