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HI! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m practicing like a madwoman!!!

The conductor gave me some really good tips so now I’m practicing and putting them into place, and trying to actually understand the music rather than just playing the notes.  That’s even harder than playing the notes!  He told he he’d been studying music for like thirty years and still doesn’t know everything.   I even asked the Texan Tinkerer guy because he plays piano too, and he told me to remember that all music is about context – notes are never by themselves but are shaped by the notes around them.  That’s really good advice!  He’s pretty smart, if a little… odd sometimes.

I mean, where do you think I got those animal hats I gave Allison?  Hahah!!!  He gave them to me when he moved.  He’s pretty nice.  Just odd.

So I’m spending almost all my time practicing now.  I think today I practiced like six hours.  I think Sabby’s getting really annoyed, but I told her that at least I’m taking it seriously, she bought me the piano, and if she doesn’t like it she can go bake something.  This seemed to both piss her off and make her proud of me, and that’s the weirdest facial expression.. haha!!!  But It old her that I’ll back off a little after the concert, and she just grumbled and went off to do Sabby stuff.

But anyway, I came up for air tonight.  Beth’s also practicing her singing, and David’s taken to wearing earplugs everywhere.  Hahah!!!  She wants me to accompany her at her first recital, and I said I would IF it’s after Liz and I do her recital because I’m getting all played out and one thing at a time.  She said it won’t be for a few months and she’d pay me a little.  I said she doesn’t have to pay me because I make plenty, but maybe she can do me a favor or two.

Anyway, my fingers are tired.

Monday is Memorial Day and we”re planning a HUGE picnic!!!  It’s so huge all the fathers are pooling their grills!  Haha!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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