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Hi! It’s me! LLkojt

I mean, Lily!!!

My fingers are tired!!! I can’t type!!!

I practiced for six hours again today!!!

I spent one hour on eight bars!!!


But I’m getting a lot better!!! So there’s that!!!  Tomorrow I’m going back to see the conductor again.  The way he explained it to me is, I’m the soloist so I get to kind of be in charge, but it’s like a duet where I’m the piano and he’s the other instrument, so we have to work out what we’re going to do together.  It’s kind of fun!!!  But a LOT of work!!! This weekend I’m going to rehearse with the orchestra!

That cadenza is hard!  But sounds really cool!!!

He told me he’s not going to conduct me, because it’s disrespectful to conduct a soloist.  Good to know!

Sabby’s really getting tired of the piece, she said she’s starting to hear it in her sleep!  Hahaha!!!  I said that it’s kind of a part of my schooling, and she said she knows but it’s still a bit much, and I said it’ll be over soon.  I’m also rehearsing a little with Liz, because I have her recital again later.  And David’s heading off to camp next week!

So everyone’s got something going on, I guess.

Beth’s been doing a lot of stuff with her mentor.  She’s been teaching Beth some basic experiments and experimental protocol, and Beth says she didn’t know she didn’t know so much, but she’s really eager to learn.  I’m not sure she wants to do exactly what her mentor does, but she likes science, and says it’s more of a mindset than anything else.  Kind of like music, I guess!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to going to Japan in a couple of months!!! That’ll be fun!  Ai can’t wait too!!!  David wants to meet Hiroshi!!!

Maybe Hiroshi will teach him to be polite.

I don’t want to think about what he’ll teach Hiroshi.

Oh well.

Okay I have to sleep!  More practice tomorrow!!!

Love werotjyw !! ❤

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