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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I practiced even more today!!!  My fingers are worn out!!!  But I guess it needs to be done.  I’m starting to hear it in my sleep now.  I dreamt last night that I was up in front of hundreds of people, and forgot all the notes!!!


That was kind of a nightmare!!!

There was that E that the orchestra plays, and… nothing.

So of course I practiced a lot today.  Oh well.

Today was David’s last day of school!!!  He’s happy and looking forward to camp!!!  He wants to see his “girlfriend”.  Apparently the other “girlfriend” is really jealous but there’s nothing she can do.  I mean, she’s ten.  But she’ll get over it.  Even David just kind of shrugged.  The “easy come, easy go” was a bit much though, and Sabby scolded him for it.

As she should.  But, he’s eleven.  That, well, happens.  Dave and Sabby, however, took him into their room and had a very long talk with him.  He came out an hour later very red and wouldn’t look me in the eye.  Poor kid!  Haha!!!

Probably about that time, I guess.

Okay, I have more practicing to do tomorrow, and Friday nights are always for fun!!!  Marie wants to go to bed anyway.

Love you all!!! ❤

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