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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I guess I’m feeling a little better.  I’m still pretty down but life goes on, I guess.  It happens.

We got the engine mostly connected back up today, just a little more work to do.  But it’s not too hard.  Just a lot of getting idirty and tightening bolts and plugging in pluggy things.  I practiced a lot today, though I guess my heart wasn’t in it, I still have to do it.  Went to classes with Beth, stopped over at the shop (Katie gave me a big hug), and went to the doctor.  Yeah, Sabby got me an emergency appointment and, well…  no babies happening now.

The way she put it is “you know the rules but you’re teenagers and I’m not going to be a grandmother before my time.”

Sigh.  Oh well.  I hear it helps with zits.

I kind of argued saying we didn’t do anything that would be a really high risk, but I kind of knew how stupid it was when it came out of my mouth.  I mean, after all.

Oh well.

Ai’s gushing about Golden Week.  Apparently she went to fireworks with the guy she’s interested in, and he held her hand and gave her a headpat.  I don’t know what it is about Japanese girls and headpats, but it seemed to mean a lot to her.

I told Rebecca and her friends about all the goings on on the groupchat, and she was kind of quiet.  They seem impressed that I can rebuild an engine though.  She’s really not the type to get her perfectly manicured hands dirty.  I think Britni might, though.

Anyway… life goes on, I suppose.  Life always goes on.

I don’t know what it is about the weather this year, but more storms tomorrow.  At this rate, the drought will be gone!  Wow!!!

Liz is over tonight.  It’s a school night so no games or fun, but she thought I needed a little Chinese doll to hug tonight… and darned if she’s not right.  I’d usually get a smack for that, but she knows how I’m feeling, so she’s going with it tonight.

Okay, bedtime.

Love you all!!! ❤

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