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Hi! It’s me! Darth Lily!


Apparently today is May 4th, Which, because 4th sounds like force, is Star Wars day!

I watched Star Wars with the family a while ago.

It’s an okay movie.  But I don’t understand why people nerd out about it so much.

Darth Vader is scary though!

David was running around swinging a wooden stick like a lightsaber and going “buzz buzz”.  He wanted to have a lightsaber war with me but I just looked at him.  He went off to find Beth.

She wasn’t any more up to it.

Dave took pity on him and they were clanking and buzzing all over the house, until Sabby told them to cut it out.

It’s getting warm now!  And it looks like no storms tonight after all.  Aww.  But considering one down south that’s dropping baseballs, well, may be better off.  Hail isn’t anything to mess with!!!

Oh! I didn’t tell you!  The car started!!!  We had to run it at a certain RPM so that it would seat the rings, but now it’s fine!  We just have to break it in a little.  I whooped when it started!!!

And now I know how an engine works.  Way, way too well, actually.  It was fun.  I kind of enjoyed it.  I don’t think I want to do it again.  Dave said that’s fine, at least I got the experience.  Being a mechanic isn’t for me!  But at least I’ll know when some mechanic’s trying to cheat me because I’m pretty.

I’m not an airhead!!!

I don’t know too many airheads.

Well, one, anyway.

Even cat-girl… she’s, ummm…  cat-girl, but she’s pretty smart.  She just really like to, well, use her body for things, and I guess she does pretty well with it.  I mean, after all, we hire her, right?  She said she has one of those, well, accounts.  I told her I didn’t want to know.  She said I could probably make a lot of money.  I told her I already make plenty of money, and besides, I’m seventeen, what is she trying to imply?  She hasn’t brought it up again.  Cat-girl is cat-girl, but she’s also an employee, so…  have to be careful.  Or so they tell me.

Speaking of money…  the shop is still doing well.  But not quite as well as it was.  I guess we’re a bit of a victim of the economic downturn too.  But people still stop by in the morning on the way to work, and Mother’s Day is coming up too, and we’re doing pretty brisk business with cake orders and stuff.  So, it could be worse.  We’re doing alright.  But Sabby and I are having lots of talks about where to take the business next.  Guess we’ll see.

Alright.  Bedtime. Marie’s whining and wants to go out before bed.

Love you all!!! ❤

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