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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I have thoughts.

This is not a political diary and I don’t like to talk about political things.  It’s boriing and there are so many better things to talk about!  Like chocolate!  But I do think a little bit about abortion.  It’s one of those topics that people have strong feelings about, but it’s personal for me.  No, not because of Jack.  I’m not pregnant!  I promise!

But I was born to a single mother who very well could have.  She’d have been justified to, I guess.  Well, not justified, but it would have been understandable.  Emiko could have just said “forget it”, did it, went on with college, and she’d be happy now, I guess…  but then I wouldn’t be here.

I kind of like being here.

Would I be upset with her if she had?  No, because I wouldn’t be here!  And that doesn’t seem fair.  I mean, I wouldn’t even have the chance to be angry with her!

So I don’t like it much.  I really don’t.

But I don’t have strong opinions about all the laws and decisions and stuff.  I just don’t know a lot about them.  Sabby tried to explain it and if I’m going to vote in a year I should pay more attention but it’s boring!  She did explain about the constitution and the Supreme Court and why they ruled in that decision a while ago that so many people seemed angry with.  It makes sense, I guess.  The constitution is important.  At least that’s what Sabby says.  I need to study more.

I hope Jack doesn’t get me pregnant before I’m ready.  I’m doing my best to make sure that doesn’t happen!!  And so is he!!!  But if he does…  I think I’m having the kid.  It’s not the kid’s fault!  It would be mine, and Jack’s.  Sabby says responsibility is important.  I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t, I guess.  And besides, I think Sabby would kill me if I took away a chance to be a grandmother.

Sabby loves kids.  You should see her doting on Grace and Allison.  Aika and Mika too, actually.  She always makes Allison grilled cheese sandwiches and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  And Grace, well, she loves everything, but mac and cheese is her favorite.  Sabby always makes sure she has some for when she comes over.

And I love kids too.  I’ve never taken care of a baby.  But I like Grace.  She’s little and cute and says the funniest things, and it’s nice when she sits at a table and hums and colors.  Sabby says not all children are like Grace, but I like her anyway.

I don’t like politics.  People get so angry about it.  They yell and fight and slam doors and don’t talk to each other.  But… sometimes people get hurt and die because of politics, so I guess it’s important.

Love you all!!! ❤

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