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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I didn’t write last night because we were watching the elections!

What a mess!!!

So we went in expecting there to be a “red wave”, as Sabby put it.  Lots of people from the…  Repluglican?  Oh.  Republican party who were expected to win.  But most of them didn’t.  You could hear the tone of the election announcers change as the time went on.  Sabby was pretty unhappy, but our governor got reelected and so did Florida’s, and a few other things, so she’s not too unhappy.  Dave doesn’t really agree with her on all the political stuff, but he agrees more than he did two years ago.  Or even last year.  So he was a bit unhappy too.

So we were up late eating snacks and watching states turn blue or red until around midnight when we all went to bed.  We were soooo tired, I didn’t bother writing anything last night, I just went right to bed.

Today, they were a bit subdued, but I guess life goes on, right?

Sabby ordered me a dehydrator, roaster, blender, and mortar and pestle to make chocolate!  It’ll be fun!  And if I make good enough chocolate she can use it in her cookies!  But I’m not sure I could keep up with the rate she makes cookies.  But worth a try.

I mean, I love chocolate, anyway.  Right?  I can put different flavors in it!  Orange chocolate actually sounds pretty good!

Love you all!!! ❤

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