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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s opening day!!!

So we got there stupid early and opened up at 7 or so.  Beth got a bright idea to stand outside in front of the store with a sign saying “Try Sabby’s Sweets!”  Well, remember how I told you she’s pretty?  I mean really, stupid pretty?  Supermodel pretty?  Well, that, coupled with the costume and some cat ears she threw on, really drove traffic.  Especially because this morning is Black Friday and everyone’s out and about.

Well, couple Beth’s surprisingly (but not really surprisingly) effective efforts, the fact that Sabby’s been dropping cookies off at local hotels, and the store was really hopping today.  Not “lines around the block” hopping, but people were coming in and buying cookies!!!  I dooted them out the door, but they were raving about the cookies!!!

And then the news showed up.  They’d had that planned, I guess they’re on a kick to showcase new local businesses, and here’s kinda how it turned out.  They set up the lights and cameras, interviewed me and Sabby, and at the end, tried a cookie on camera.  She tried one of Sabby’s triple chocolate chunk with chocolate whipped cream and coffee sprinkles cookies.

She took one bite and was pretty much raving about how good it was.  I mean, it was almost unprofessional levels of raving.  But it went well, everyone got interviewed, and they went back to do whatever it is they do to make it presentable for the news.

So they aired it on the 6 PM news and probably will air it a couple more times.  We’d already closed because Sabby needed to make cookies for tomorrow, but we’ll see how much that helps tomorrow.

Jack teased me a bit about being famous.  Hahaha!!!

Okay, another busy day tomorrow.  So far, though…  looks like we were right!  Sabby’s a big success!!!  We’re already talking about hiring a dooter for when Beth and I have to go to school.  That’s important too.  We’re going to have to hire several people!  But if we keep selling like this, it’ll be fine!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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